Dr. Saul Zion, DPT, OCS, Cert. SMT, CMP, CSCS, Advanced Hip Clinician

Saul is a graduate of the University at Buffalo where he received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2005. He subsequently received his board certification in orthopedics qualifying him as an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association.  Saul is Certified in Spinal Manipulation Therapy (Cert. SMT) through the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy. Saul is also a Certified Mulligan Practitoner (CMP) and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). His combined formal education and experience have allowed Saul to integrate a holistic approach to treatments leading to successful patient recovery. Saul completed continuing education courses to further his knowledge of topics ranging from orthotics and lower extremity biomechanics to spinal and extremity mobilizations/manipulations.  Saul is a certified Advanced Hip Clinician through the Hospital for Special Surgery treating patients with hip labral tears, hip tendinitis/tendonosis, Cam/Pincer impingements associated with FAI, pre/post-op PAO, post-op hernia repair, osteoarthritis and Total Hip Arthroplasty. He also has extensive experience in treating post surgical, orthopedic dysfunction and sports medicine injuries of the shoulder, knee ankle and hip.  Saul is also a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) including membership in the APTA’s Orthopedic Section. As an active athlete himself, Saul finished Ironman Lake Placid in 2010 and the NYC Marathon in 2014.  Saul has a special interest in treating runners, triathletes and all team sport athletes. Saul has worked extensively with slow motion video analysis of runners to break down inefficiencies to help eliminate pain with running.  Saul has also been an adjunct professor at New York Medical College and Mercy College for the past 2 and 3 years respectively.   

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Dr. Staci Levine, DPT, OCS, PRPC, Advanced Hip Clinician

Staci is a graduate of the University of Maryland, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology.  In 2008, Staci earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree with honors from Columbia University.  She subsequently received her board certification in orthopedics qualifying her as an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association.  Staci is a member of the APTA’s Orthopedic and Women’s Health Section and has a passion for treating athletes, runners and triathletes with orthopedic and sports injuries, pre/post surgical diagnoses, prenatal and post-partum patients and pelvic floor dysfunction.  Staci has achieved the Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification (PRPC) through the Herman and Wallace Institute, earning a distinction only approximately 11 others have in the tri-state area.  She specializes in pelvic health in both men and women with musculoskeletal causes of chronic pelvic pain, urinary and fecal incontinence, constipation and bowel dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, interstitial cystitis, prostatitis, prolapse, and pain and dysfunction associated with pregnancy and the post-partum period.  She is currently striving to become a Certified Functional Manual Therapist through the Institute of Physical Art.  Staci is a certified Advanced Hip Clinician through the Hospital for Special Surgery treating patients with hip labral tears, hip tendinitis/tendonosis, Cam/Pincer impingements associated with FAI, pre/post-op PAO, post-op hernia repair, osteoarthritis and Total Hip Arthroplasty. . Staci has completed many continuing education courses in manual therapy for the spine and extremities and pelvic floor dysfunction to ensure she is up to date with the latest evidence-based practices to provide the most individualized, effective care for each patient.  She has completed 5 marathons and several half marathons and finds she relates easily to the mindset of athletes striving to get back to their sport pain free as quickly as possible.

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Dr. Meghan L. Mizrachi, DPT

Meghan received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Mercy College. Her strong interest in helping athletes overcome injuries and return to their sport as quickly as possible has also led her to earn certifications in emerging techniques such as RockTape and Graston. She also treats pelvic floor dysfunction and hopes to bring awareness about the role of PT in helping patients who are suffering from incontinence. 
In 2008, Meghan earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College, with a minor in Biology. She spent three years dancing professionally with modern dance companies in NYC and abroad before her desire to help others sent her back to school. Meghan has completed the NYC Marathon and can be seen as a fitness model on RunnersWorld.com. With a passion for fitness and wellness, Meghan strives to help every patient recover from injury, restoring function and becoming their best self.

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Dr. Francesca Warner, DPT, CSCS

Francesca graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York University. She received her BA in Sociology from NYU as well. Francesca also studied with the Herman & Wallace Institute and specializes in Women's and Men's Health with a focus on Pelvic Floor dysfunction, gastrointestinal dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain, incontinence, post prostate/bladder/vaginal surgery care, interstitial cystitis, prostatitis, prolapse, and sexual dysfunction. She is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. As an identical twin, Francesca was born on a team. She loves building strong bonds with her patients and championing their progress. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, meditation, and listening to as much live music as possible. 

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Dr. Brooke David, DPT

Jennifer Brooke David Profile Pic.JPG

Brooke received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York Medical College. She attended the University of Maryland where she was a double major, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jewish Studies. At Maryland, she participated in a research study at the Baltimore VA, analyzing the effects of robotic therapy on patients who have suffered a stroke. She also became an ACE certified personal trainer during her time in undergrad. At New York Medical College, Brooke’s Doctoral Project explored the relationship between running related injuries and range of motion in runners. A runner herself, Brooke enjoyed analyzing each runner’s body mechanics helping improve their running gait. Brooke has also taken extra coursework through the Herman & Wallace series, studying pelvic floor dysfunction in both men and women. Brooke also has worked with many pregnant and postpartum women in a PT setting and in a group exercise setting. Brooke uses her well-rounded background to treat each patient with a multi-dimensional approach. She creates an individualized plan of care incorporating manual skills, therapeutic exercise and optimal body mechanics in order to get back to life as soon as possible. Brooke grew up in Atlanta where she learned to love all different kinds of sports and became a big fan of the Braves and the Falcons. She was a competitive gymnast and played basketball, volleyball, soccer and softball in high school. Living in NYC, Brooke enjoys running around Central Park, participating in yoga classes and trying different exercise classes with friends.

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Dr. Tova Laufer, DPT

Tova earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Columbia University where she completed advanced courses in Women's Health, orthopedics, sports rehabilitation, and applied-Pilates rehab. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Yeshiva University where she majored in Biology, and was a captain of the women's basketball team.
Tova attributes her initial interest in physical therapy to her own personal experiences with multiple sports injuries. After recovering from ACL surgery, Tova went on to become an NCAA division 3 college athlete and helped to develop an injury prevention program for her teammates. In 2009, Tova became a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Emphasizing the most current evidenced-based treatment interventions, Tova combines her passion for fitness,sports, orthopedics and pelvic floor rehabilitation to help each patient achieve his or her individual goals. Tova has received ongoing training for the evaluation and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction with Herman & Wallace Institute in order to provide effective care for male and female patients with diagnoses including coccyx pain, pelvic pain, urinary and fecal incontinence, constipation, and sexual dysfunction.

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Dr. Allison Gould, DPT

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Ally is a graduate of the University of Vermont, where she received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She was a competitive cyclist while still an undergraduate at UVM, competing in both road and mountain seasons in the ECCC. After graduating, Ally shifted her focus to running. She completed dozens of half marathons and five full length marathons before turning her attention to triathlon. She has raced multiple sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and one half Ironman. After sustaining a hip flexor injury, she decided to return to the academic world in order to pursue a career in helping people stay active in their daily routines and to fully live and participate in their favorite activities without pain or limitation. She is currently pursuing certification in the Mulligan Manual technique and has begun training in pelvic floor health with the Herman & Wallace Institute. She is a an E-RYT 200 Certified Yoga Teacher and enjoys bringing yoga and meditation into her physical therapy practice.


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Marie Figueredo, Office Manager

Marie joins Zion PT with a diverse background of experience and skill sets. She has studied classical dance since childhood.  A graduate of Boston University, she studied art history and nonprofit administration, going on to work in museum and arts organizations. She then pursued a culinary degree and worked in various kitchens throughout NYC before dabbling in events management. Marie enjoys sleeping, running, and cooking, in that order.

Yarixa Cordero, Medical Billing Specialist

Yarixa was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  She has always been passionate about serving others and knew she wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare field since elementary school.  Yarixa earned her Associate’s degree in Applied Science in Healthcare Administration with Medical Billing and Coding at Berkeley College.  She also earned a certification through the National Health Career Association as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist.  Yarixa is looking to further pursue her education in Health Information Management.  She always strives to be the best healthcare professional she can be by maintaining integrity and respecting others.  Aside from her healthcare career she has a passion for working with children.  Yarixa enjoys spending her free time with her nieces and nephew.  She also enjoys sports such as tennis, baseball, and football, as well as camping and hiking.  

Jess Hasbun, Upper East Side Office Admin

Jess is a native New Yorker who loves music, writing, quotes, fitness, nature, spoken word, and street art. She enjoys assisting people and is always seeking new ways on how to help. Inquisitive by nature Jess loves understanding the how and what causes things to work. She is very interested in pursuing a career in Physical Therapy as well as in the fitness field. On her off days, you can find her with friends, family, in the gym or at home practicing a language. The goal is a minimum of 10 languages.