NYC Triathlon: July 24th

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Athletes!! Come by our photo booth to take a quick pic with your medal after the race. We'll be parked in front of our new space on 72nd Street between Riverside Boulevard and West End Avenue. Then, head on in to check it out - staff will be on hand for some post-race recovery with stretching, massage, and foam rolling. You deserve it!


Fans! Looking for a place to cheer on your friends and family? Join us at our tent on 72nd Street between West End Ave and Riverside Blvd. 


MamaFit: Workouts for Moms (and you can bring the stroller!)

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If you're a new mom and having trouble finding the time to exercise, you are in luck. The Fit Co offers classes that provide a total-body workout for mom without the need for a babysitter. They meet in Central Park at 11:15am and Zion PT clients get a special discounted rate for the first class. We talked to Laura Kovall, Founder of the Fit Co, who offers this advice to new moms: 

"It's easy as a new mom to feel overwhelmed and make excuses to not exercise. So give yourself realistic expectations. Consider two times a week instead of five. Also be patient with yourself. The core is generally the last thing to come back and it truly is different for everyone. Don't start comparing yourself to others. Know that with your time - if you find a system that is sustainable - you will get to where you want to be."

Check out Buggy Barre for low-impact, isolated, controlled movements or MamaFit for a non-stop workout with cardio, core, and glutes. 

Discount Code (to be applied at checkout): Zion PT First Class Discount


Diastasis Recti

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During pregnancy, a certain amount of stretching of the fascia in the abdomen is necessary and natural. Much of this occurs at the linea alba (translation: white line), which is the fascial connection between the two rectus abdominus muscles.


In the first 8 weeks after birth, the body heals and the stretching reduces. But for almost half of women, the fascia between the abdominal muscles remains wider than normal, a condition called diastasis recti. 

Did you know? The separation at 8 weeks has been show to remain unchanged at 1 year in the absence of intervention (ie. physical therapy, guided exercise).

Diastasis recti often leads to failed load transfer, meaning decreased stability of the lumbopelvic region (think core), and decreased support of pelvic organs, associated with a risk of pelvic floor dysfunctions such as incontinence or prolapse. 

Check yourself!


While laying on your back, place your fingers just above your belly button and lift your chin towards your chest. Feel for a soft gap between your two ab muscles. Also, observe for any possible bulging or "doming" of your stomach.

If you are having pain or associated symptoms, don't hesitate to reach out to your physical therapist for an assessment and possible intervention.  

In fitness and health,

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