Spotlight on Arthritis

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Arthritis Prevalence by State

1 out of 5 Americans suffers from arthritis

Arthritis prevalence ranges from 15-33%; NY comes in at 25% of people with arthritic joints, which is more than 3 million people in our state

Exercise still comes out on top as the most effective method of managing symptoms and improving quality of life

Manage Your Arthritis

The CDC did it's homework to identify community based programs that are specifically targeted towards patients with arthritis. Aquatics programs provide excellent results without stressing the joints. Many are offered throughout NYC at local YMCA's or the JCC with summer sessions like this one starting soon! If swimming is not for you, the current recommendation for exercise is a brisk walking program for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. Here are some online tools to help keep you on track. 


Well Blog: Exercise Prevents 13 Kinds of Cancer

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An observational study of 1.44 million people is able to make a strong association between exercise and cancer prevention for at least 13 different varieties. The group in the top ten percent of exercise intensity was about 20 percent less likely to develop the studied cancer types. Check it out!

Upcoming Events

UWS Street Fair

This Saturday, June 12th

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Who doesn't love a street fair? Come say hello as we promote our new Upper West Side location. We'll be parked at Broadway and 73rd Street from 12pm until 5pm. 

Save the Date: NYC Tri Cheer Station

Sunday, July 24th

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Are you racing this year? Come by our booth for a photo with your medal and stop by our new location for a stretching session or massage after the race- you deserve it! Stay tuned for more details in next month's news.

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