What is Hamstring Syndrome?

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We are excited to be producing new and improved content so that we can keep you all informed about the latest in injuries and prevention. If you have an achy hamstring, this article is a must-read. 

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Can You ReZist?

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Former Zion PT patient, Gino Caccavale, has designed a full-body, strength and cardio workout that gives maximal results in just 30 minutes. After amassing wide appeal in the tri-state area, the DVD brings his expert workout to a national audience. Check out the commercial or come into Zion Physical Therapy West for a workout experience with a certified ReZist instructor!


Help in the Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis

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We are proud to be volunteering this Sunday in Rockefeller Center to support the MS Climb to the Top challenge. There are over 2.3 million people affected by MS worldwide. Help join in their fight by donating to this great cause. 



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