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Stay Strong.


Whether you gave birth vaginally or via C-section, whether your baby was 5 pounds or 10 pounds, whether you delivered pre-term or full-term, every pregnancy, labor, and delivery is different and presents unique challenges.  Every mom needs support and emotional and physical strength to be able to function at a high level when caring for her baby.  Our team is specially equipped to address each woman’s specific needs. With our care, you can be confident about regaining your strength, improving your function, and taking control of your new life in a safe and healthy way.


MomStrong is an individualized fitness program because each woman is unique in their goals and abilities.  

It’s designed for:  

  • moms who are athletes and looking to get back to their prior level of fitness training

  • moms who are struggling with pain or injury to re-introduce exercise back into their lives

  • moms who feel great and just want some extra help to feel comfortable again in their own skin

Come on your own or bring your baby with you- don’t let anything stop you from achieving your personal goals!

Contact our postnatal care team today for a consult and get started on your individualized plan.  Available at both the UWS and UES locations.