Post Race Recovery Tips

The marathon is this weekend and we're focused on the finish line. In case you are too, we surveyed the amazing running staff at Zion PT for their favorite post-race recovery tips. We hope you find them helpful!

Marie: Drink Hot Broth

Carolyn: ICE BATH!!!

Staci: Throw on your compression socks

Saul: Easy walk/bike each day for the week

Meg: Foam Rolling

A big shout out goes out to Staci Levine for her recent finish at the Chicago Marathon in October!

Coat Collection at Zion PT West

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New York Cares 28th Annual Coat Drive begins on November 7th and we are happy to be accepting coats at our Upper West Side location! Please bring warm winter coats to donate to a New Yorker in need. Our drive will be going from Nov 7th-Dec 7th during business hours. 
310 West 72nd Street between West End & Riverside

November is Bladder Awareness Month!

FREE CLASS: STAY STRONG: Caring for Your Pelvic Floor Through Menopause and Beyond


This class will teach you about your pelvic floor, it's function, what happens to it as you go through life changes and how to maintain strength and balance for optimal pelvic floor health. Don't miss it!

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Zion PT East

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November 12, 2016

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Office Admin Extraordinaire

Marie joins Zion PT with a diverse background of experience and skill sets. She has studied classical dance since childhood.  A graduate of Boston University, she studied art history and nonprofit administration, going on to work in museum and arts organizations. Read more about Marie...

Best of luck to all our runners!

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