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“Simply put, Saul is the absolute best PT in NYC. I have worked with him over the past two years and without his expertise, patience and persistence, I would never have been able to complete Ironman and the Leadville 100. He was the THE person to figure out that my foot issues actually stemmed from an imbalance between my hamstrings and glutes and with his help I was able to work through those, complete, the necessary training, and finish well in both events.

The exercises Saul gave me to work on kept me strong, but a training error led to a second foot injury this spring. His care and rehab regimen got me back out on the roads in less than 6 weeks and back to training in 8.

Whether you are recovering from an injury or simply looking to stay injury-free, Saul is the best PT you will find.”

- Mary Arnold, ultrarunner and triathlete

“I have been seeing Staci for the past 2 months for my pelvic floor dysfunction and I have to say that she is amazing! We have worked on various therapies and exercises and she has really addressed the core of the issue. I literally have had life changing results from working with her and I never thought that I would feel so comfortable and excited to see a physical therapist for pelvic floor dysfunction! They definitely deserve 5 stars!”

- Eliana L., Dental Student

“I have had a terrific experience, working with Saul. The chronic hamstring pulls and tears which bedeviled me have stopped. That’s because Saul taught me to strengthen my “core”, and I’d never addressed that before working with him.”

- Roger Altman, Evercore Partners, Founder and Chairman

“Saul did a great job helping me rehab following a knee replacement. I was very impressed with his knowledge and dedication.”

- Rod Thorn, President, NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers

“I came to Carolyn after experiencing severe knee pain while running that persisted even when not exercising.  She has been great to work with!  She really listened to my issues, while doing several tests to pinpoint the problem and make sure there were no serious injuries.  The hour long sessions are great and really let her work with me without having to feel rushed.  We do plenty of exercises together and I’m always given things to do on my own to continue strength training on my own.  Carolyn’s also very personable which always makes for pleasant visit.  Finally and most importantly I’m running pretty much pain free these days, can’t ask for better results!”

- Caroline T.

“Dr. Zion’s keen sense of awareness along with his knowledge of body mechanics has improved my quality of life, personally and professionally back to 100%. I have had intensifying back problems for the past 12 years, visited countless doctors and consumed many pain suppressants attempting to sustain some quality of life. By chance I was introduced to Saul and he kindly asked me to visit him for consultation before scheduling my surgery that I revered as my only hope. After one consultation my chronic pain had subsided. Today Saul has me living a pain and surgery free life by following his customized stretching and exercise programs daily.”

- Dan Wilby, professional photographer

“I was in constant pain from arthritis and two herniated disks. I spent years going to physical therapists who further injured me through their treatments in addition to telling me I should give up running. Saul tailors his program to the needs of the individual—it was through a combination of training and therapy that I’m able to run again and sleep through the night without pain for the first time in years. He’s the best.”

- Amy Hertz